Class CheckDelaunay

  extended by org.jcae.mesh.amibe.algos2d.CheckDelaunay

public class CheckDelaunay
extends java.lang.Object

Swap edges which are not Delaunay. In an Euclidian 2D metrics, there is a unique Delaunay mesh, so edges can be processed in any order. But with a Riemannian metrics this is no more true, edges with the poorest quality should be processed first to improve the overall quality. This is not implemented yet, edges are currently not sorted.

Constructor Summary
CheckDelaunay(Mesh2D m)
          Creates a CheckDelaunay instance.
Method Summary
 void compute()
          Swap edges which are not Delaunay.
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Constructor Detail


public CheckDelaunay(Mesh2D m)
Creates a CheckDelaunay instance.

m - the CheckDelaunay instance to check.
Method Detail


public void compute()
Swap edges which are not Delaunay.