Class EnforceAbsDeflection

  extended by org.jcae.mesh.amibe.algos2d.EnforceAbsDeflection

public class EnforceAbsDeflection
extends java.lang.Object

Split triangles with an absolute deflection greater than requirements. As explained in Metric3D, the geometric error may exceed the desired value if triangles are too far away from local tangent planes. This algorithm computes the deflection of triangle centroids, and if it is larger than the requested value, this centroid is inserted into the mesh and incident edges are swapped if they are not Delaunay.

Constructor Summary
EnforceAbsDeflection(Mesh2D m)
          Creates a EnforceAbsDeflection instance.
Method Summary
 void compute()
          Check all triangles.
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Constructor Detail


public EnforceAbsDeflection(Mesh2D m)
Creates a EnforceAbsDeflection instance.

m - the EnforceAbsDeflection instance to check.
Method Detail


public void compute()
Check all triangles.