Installation of NetBeans Modules updates

Installation of NetBeans Modules updates

  1. Download and install the latest stable release (currently jCAE 0.12)

  2. Download NetBeans Modules updates

  3. Launch jCAE

  4. In the Window menu, select Update Center

  5. Select Install Manually Downloaded Modules

    [Screenshot 1]

    then Next

  6. Click Add

    [Screenshot 2a]

    and select the downloaded *.nbm files with the file selector

    [Screenshot 2b]

    then OK. Modules now appear in the list of modules to install

    [Screenshot 2c]

    Click Next

  7. Selected modules are automatically listed in the right window

    [Screenshot 3]

    Click Next

  8. License agreement

    [Screenshot 4]

    Click Accept

  9. Files are copied

    [Screenshot 5]

    Click Next

  10. Select all modules, and make sure that they are installed globally, otherwise they may not be taken into account

    [Screenshot 6]

    Click Finish

  11. Restart jCAE

    [Screenshot 7]

    Click OK