jCAE - Viewer3d


jCAE-viewer3d is a library to display mesh and geometry in Java3D. It aims at being at the same abstraction level as VTK (with unfortunately many fewer features). It currently only supports pre-processing (post-processing is still at the prototype step).

jCAE Viewer3D rely on 3 object types:

  • View: The AWT object which display the object.
  • Viewable: An object describing what we want to see. Currently, it could be a geometry, a finite element mesh or a finite difference mesh.
  • Provider: An object which represent the data source. It could be a STEP/IGES file, an Amibe file, or an UNV file.

The library is designed to allow customized Viewable and Provider instances.


Viewer3D require java3d:

To display Opencascade geometries, occjava is required in the CLASSPATH and PATH/LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

To use the OEMM features, jcae-viewer3d-amibe jar file is required.

Code Sample

These 2 basic examples are from the test package of viewer3d:

API documentation

The API documentation is available here.